This opportunity is limited for members of UI MUN Club

8 MUN 2017 Seeks for Chairs

Dear UI MUN Club, Firstly, I would like to introduce myself as Rania Rifdah Taufiq. I will serve as the secretary general of this year's 8MUN, an annual MUN competition that has been held by subseksi General English Syndicate (Genesys) of SMAN 8 Jakarta for 5 consecutive years. 8MUN 2017 will be held on 5 to 6th of August, 2017 on SMAN 8 Jakarta. We plan to have 3 councils on the run, which is: 

  1. International Atomic Energy Agency - Improving Global Emergency Preparedness for Nuclear Crisis Situations
  2. UNSC - Responding to the Threat of Nuclear War within the International Community
  3. US Senate: Committee on Indian Affairs - Evaluating the Effectiveness on the Enforcement of Indigenous Rights

We would gladly like to receive feedbacks regarding the councils and topics. It would be such a great pleasure to have fellow MUNers from UI MUN Club to chair on this year's conference. I would also like to inquire the possibility of placing our Genesys' MUNers along with UI MUN Club MUNers to chair in each council with the ratio of 1:2. This is due that we feel the need for our MUNers to develop more by experiencing MUN from a dais' point of view. If UI MUN Club assent to this proposal, we will gladly select our best MUNers for further collaboration and guidance from their seniors.

For those who would like to apply yourself or any other inquiries, please contact the UI MUN Club Secretariat. 

SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong Seeks for MUN Coach

SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong recently established a new MUN Club. They envision to train students about all MUN skills. Most members of this club are newbies in MUN. The coaching session itself will most likely be conducted during weekdays (around 3:20pm). Fees are negotiable.

For those who are interested in this opportunity, please contact Shinta (Dir. of Substance) or UI MUN Club Secretariat.