Welcoming to the Official Website of UI MUN Club

Beloved Members of UI MUN Club,

Honorable Alumni,

and Distinguished Guests,

Welcome to the Official Website of Universitas Indonesia Model United Nations Club. I am very thrilled to introduce you to one of our incredible innovations which is our new website. Have been hiatus for the past two years, I highly believe that this is the right time for us to resume our website seeing the fact that in the globalization era, we need a well-established source of information and also a central database. I wish this platform can bring you closer to UI MUN Club and all of its programs.

As one of leading MUN Communities in Asia-Pacific and notable student organization in Universitas Indonesia, UI MUN Club is strongly committed to develop skills of its members. It is embedded within our programs, including but not limited to regular general training and simulation, international and national delegation, and also exclusive mentoring. Heretofore, UI MUN Club has at least seven international delegations for the following MUNs: Harvard National MUN, Harvard World MUN, Asia-Pacific MUN Conference, The European International MUN, EuroMUN, Singapore MUN, and also Nanyang Technological. In its seventh year, UI MUN Club has snatched various achievements such as Verbal Commendation HNMUN 2014, Diplomacy Awards of WorldMUN 2015 and 2017, Best Delegate(s) of TEIMUN 2015 and 2016, Best Delegate(s) of AMUNC 2015 and 2016, Best Position Paper of EuroMUN 2016, Best Delegation of SMUN 2016, and Verbal Commendation(s) of NTUMUN 2017. Along with these achievements, we are also very proud that our beloved members have snatched countless achievements and awards on the national level. With all of the aforementioned experiences, we constantly organize one of the best MUNs in Asia-Pacific, Indonesia MUN; and we also organize the best MUN for High-Schoolers in Indonesia, High School MUN.

Lastly, I would like to end my remarks by wishing that this website will be extremely helpful for those who are looking information about UI MUN Club. We are very opened if you want to contact, to meet, or to start cooperation with us in the future. May the best thing will always be ours!

Thank you!

Muhammad Habib Abiyan Dzakwan

Secretary General of Universitas Indonesia MUN Club 2017